Program Overview

The program accepts voluntary adults ages 18+ who are experiencing a behavioral and/or mental health crisis and do not need a higher level of medical or psychiatric care. The program provides an intensive residential alternative to hospitalization for individuals experiencing a behavioral health episode or crisis requiring temporary removal from their home environment.  Priorities recognizes that the need for intensive residential services exists 24 hours per day, seven days per week, evening, weekends and holidays included.  Access to the program shall be available during these times.  The primary focus of this program shall be on reduction of the crisis, stabilization and treatment of the mental health condition, and on a diagnostic assessment of the person's existing support system, including recommendations for referrals upon discharge.

It is expected that referrals will be made from participating Regional Centers.  Only those referrals with Regional Center approval will be admitted to the program. All referrals must meet the admission criteria mutually established between the Regional Center and the Center. 


A solid foundation for new beginnings.....

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Priorities provides daily activities that provide a structured environment.

  1. Goal setting

  2. Team Building

  3. Coping Skills

  4. Vocational Training

  5. Impulse Control

  6. Chemical Dependency

  7. Cooking & Nutrition

  8. Money Management

  9. Physical Health

  10. Peer Support

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